What is a Monogram?

Monogram or Initials ... what's the difference?  Both contain the first, middle and last initial of a person's name.  For a monogram, the initials are ordered first, last, middle.  For initials, they are first, middle, last. Each option comes with its own set of choices ... Do you want the initials in monogram order (First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial)? If so, do you want the centered initial larger than the other two? Or do you want the initials in the standard order (First Initial, Middle Initial, Last Initial)? Do you want periods after each initial? These initials are all the same size. For Example:

Arthur Simon Jones - Initials A.S.J.

A monogram in Comic Sans font with the centered initial larger looks like this:

A monogram in Garamond font with the centered initial the same size looks like this:

Initials in the standard order in Papyrus font without periods look like this:

And initials in the standard order in Arial BOLD font with periods after each initial look like this:

The choices are yours.  The end result is personalization that uniquely identifies you.
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