Improve email productivity with these nifty addons

How many hours do you spend on email a day? Now, what does that translate to in a week, month, year? My rough estimate for me is: 3.5 hours a day x 5 days in a week = 17.50 hours a week, x 4 weeks in a month, 70 hours a month x 12 months a year = 840 hours a year. In other words, 35 full 24 hour days spent sending, reading, replying by email, or 105 8 hour working days every year. What if you could shave off 1 hour a day? It would be worth a price! Well, these two programs save us hours every month at LazerDesigns and help us serve our customers more efficiently. Xobni saves searching time as it pulls up all past correspondence and attachments for every email - never search again! Also shows LinkedIn, Facebook, etc accounts. Get a lot of spam? CloudMark Desktop is the easiest $30 I've ever spent - catches 98% of all our spam. Saves hours a week. My delete button's life span doubled. Productivity experts recommend reading and taking care of an email all at once - instead of reading it, flagging it for taking care of later, reading the next one, marking it for later, etc. Read it, and either file it or reply - this saves time and reduces your workload.
Improve email productivity with these nifty addons by
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