One of a kind, unique photo gifts

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a laser engraved photo gift is worth a hundred gifts. Are you looking for a truly unique gift? Consider putting a photo on a piece of marble, granite, wood or acrylic and capturing that moment in permanence. Create a unique gift for your loved one, employee, customer or friend. All you need a high resolution photograph of a memory. Some of our most popular mediums are below, and there are many more out there we can laser engrave on.
Black Granite Tiles

Black Granite Tiles

Basswood Planks

Basswood Planks

We can also do custom license plates and more! Photo License Plate When sending us a photo, keep in mind these tips:
  • The better the input image, the better the output engraving - higher the resolution the better
  • Quite backgrounds work best (busyness behind the subject can detract from engraving)
  • If in doubt, send your photo over to our skilled art team and we'll let you know how it will work on your desired product.
One of a kind, unique photo gifts by
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