How to Clean your Acrylic Awards

acrylic award

Acrylic Award

Congratulations on your award! Now, how to get the smudges off so it sparkles like new again? Special care must be taken when cleaning acrylic products. You should avoid household cleaners like Windex or 409. The chemicals in these products can dull and craze the clarity and beauty of acrylic. The best way to care for your Acrylic awards is to clean with warm water and a small amount of liquid soap such as Ivory, rinse and dry. The same principles apply to acrylic furniture and decor. For minor smudges, you can breathe a breath of warm air and use a soft cloth to buff it clean. Always use a clean, soft cloth to avoid scratches (paper towels are generally not "soft"). If you have a lot of acrylic awards with large surface area that you must keep polished, consider buying acrylic cleaner from a plastic supply shop.
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