What does a guy with a laser machine give to his wife for Mother’s Day?

As you can imagine, expectations are high for an amazing gift when you own laser machines! I’ve used up my allowance of engraved pens and carabiners with names on them (just ask my sisters).

So what did I give my wife for Mother’s Day? Aside from a surprise candlelit dinner and cleaning the house (ok, I admit, a small section of the house), among other things, here they are:

Engraved Bamboo Spoon

An large, engraved bamboo spoon - just what every mom needs! Not your ordinary spoon - smooth finish, long handle, large scoop

Engraved keepsake box

Engraved keepsake box with a photo of a hiking trip.

You can view and buy this keepsake box here

What does a guy with a laser machine give to his wife for Mother's Day? by
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