Comparison of Maglite XL50, XL100 and XL200

Maglite's newest addition the high performance, small LED flashlight field brings new features and higher light output. Wondering how their new LED lights compare? Below is our handy comparison chart for the Maglite XL50, XL100 and XL200. Think it would be helpful for friends or colleagues? Share it around!
XL50 XL100 XL200
maglite xl50 maglite xl100 maglite xl200
Date Released Q3 2010 Q1 2010 Q3 2011
Lumens 104 83 172
Max Distance 145 m 134 m 138 m
Size 4.8"Long x 1" Diameter 4.8"Long x 1" Diameter 4.8"Long x 1" Diameter
Weight w/ batteries 3.68oz 3.68oz 3.68oz
Batteries 3-AAA 3-AAA 3-AAA
Presentation box? Yes Yes Yes
Run time High: 8hrs 45min; Low: 35hrs High: 5hrs 15min; Low: 201hrs High: 2hrs 30min; Low: 218hrs
Modes High Power, 25% Power, Strobe Normal, Strobe, Nite Lite, Signal, SOS, Lockout, Variable Power High Power, Strobe, Nite Lite, Signal, SOS
Other features Click sequence for mode selection Accelerometer and click sequence, rotate to right or left for "Variable Power Level" Click sequence for mode selection, accelerometer used for Lock Out mode and "Variable Power Level," adjustable brightness with memory
Accelerometer? No Yes Yes
Great for Do-it-yourselfers, handy men, utility companies, electricians, plumbers Tactical minded, gadget lovers, hunters, Hunters, fishermen, outdoors people, tactical minded,
Summary Easy to use, 3 modes, good light output for less price, longest run time of 3 lights,  (read review at Lots of features, good "geek" factor with accelerometer features, variable power is nice option (read review) Combines XL50's ease of use with XL100's features, best light output of the 3 lights, adjustable brightness with memory is nice, short run time on high setting (read review)
Personalization Available? Yes Yes
Price with personalization (laser etching in 1 location) - No Setup fee, No minimum order, - Laser logos, text, initials, dates, etc - Prices subject to change 1    $37.10 6    $31.00 12    $29.00 24    $25.06 50    $24.56 100    $24.30 250    $23.91 500    $23.56 (order today and check latest) Update: We no longer sell the XL100 as the XL200 offers better features for around the same price. 1    $46.00 6    $41.23 12    $39.23 24    $34.68 50    $34.03 100    $33.63 250    $33.33 500    $32.99 (order today and check latest)
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