Engraved Rescue Knife Review And Comparison – How Do They Compare? VIDEO

Rescue knives are great tools to have on hand, a tool to have close by when you need it.

The term rescue knife usually refers to a knife that includes a seat belt cutter and window breaker, and sometimes other features.

Below, we review and compare our top selling models of rescue knifes – the Black Rescue Knife, the Red or Blue Rescue Knife, and the Compact Rescue Knife.

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This is the black rescue knife, one of our most popular models, really popular for wedding party gifts, groomsmen, best man, ushers. Also a great safety award.

Most rescue knives like this one have a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker tip.

When opening, this one is 8″ long and has a serrated blade, and a tanto tip. The handle is anodized aluminum and lasers white and the blade lasers silver.

The colored rescue knife comes in red and blue, and is very similar in design and size. The blade lasers black, and is full fine edge, instead of serrated like the black one. The anodized aluminum handle lasers white, just like the black one.

These are made in the USA, as is the Compact Rescue Knife, which is just over 3″ long and has a just over 2″ long blade. The handle lasers white and the blade lasers silver on this one.

This one is also made in the USA, and I think it is easier to pocket carry than the long ones.

In summary,

  • the compact rescue knife is easier to carry in your pocket than the longer ones
  • the compact and the red and blue knives are made in the USA
  • while the black knife has the partially serrated blade.

My personal favorite is the black rescue knife, with its partially serrated blade, great for go-bags, backpacks and rescue workers.

If I was trying to go lighter weight, I’d go with the compact rescue knife.

All are good fits for glove boxes in cars in case of emergencies.

To personalize any of these rescue knives, follow this links:

Thanks for watching! Which knife will you use or give away? Why do you like it?

(Be sure to watch the end where you can see how each rescue knife fits in a pocket)


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