Give Him Something Fun This Holiday with These Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Photo Credit: sciencesque via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: sciencesque via Compfight cc

He might be the family’s patriarch, but Grandpa still loves roughhousing with the kids, working hard and indulging in his hobbies.

Sure, he’d love a crayon drawing from one of the kiddos along with a slobbery kiss. But, this holiday season you want to give him something a bit more.

Thinking about personalized Christmas gift ideas for Grandpa lets you give him something special and meaningful that he will use again and again.


Digital Photo Frames

Grandbabies are the pride and joy of every Papaw and they always wish they could be a bigger part of their daily lives.

Photos are the perfect way to let them see the next generation grow, but most granddads aren’t Instagram savvy.

Instead of filling every vertical surface in their house with framed pics, give them a digital frame loaded with photos.

Make it a family affair by including snaps of not only your kids, but their other grandchildren as well. Don’t forget to include a few of them playing with the tots.


Personalized Calendars

Right now you might be thinking, “That’s an obvious choice.”

It’s true; this classic has been done before; but with good reason. Calendars are an inexpensive gift that can be used all year long.

Give this perennial favorite a boost by writing in the birthdays of all his family members, wedding anniversaries, and special events.

For an extra-special surprise, sneak in the days that the grandkids will be visiting.  Once he notices it, he’ll have something sweet to look forward to.


BBQ Tool Sets

Now that he’s retired, Grandpa has more time to master his skills at the grill. Plus, what’s more fun than cooking up burgers and hotdogs while the grandkids run around the yard?

Pick up a set that includBBQ Setes a spatula, tongs and a BBQ fork.

The handy case can be imprinted with his nickname and keeps everything together so it doesn’t get lost in a kitchen drawer full of garlic peelers and apple corers.


MagLite Flashlights

Whether it’s an early morning at the fishing hole or hunting camp, or working on the truck, every man needs a reliable flashlight.

A heavy duty Maglite, customized with his name or a special message, is a spectacular personalized Christmas gift idea for Grandpa.

Or, make it a gift set and include a handy Leatherman multi-tool for all of Grandpa’s quick fixes.


Engraved Blankets

When all the work and roughhousing is over, Grandpa can settle down with the kids and tell a story or watch a movie wrapped in a nice, fleece blanket.

Does he have a favorite sports team or saying? Try personalizing the blanket by engraving it with a team logo or quote.

While the blanket keeps him warm, so will the memories of the grandkids who gave it to him.


Golf Tools

Does Grandpa like to golf? If so, show him you pay attention to his hobbies and get him something he’ll be able to use on the green.

The Brushed Silver Multi-Function Golf Tool keeps Golf Toolhim prepared for the game with a knife, repair tool, ball marker, brush, and key ring.

Engrave the tool with his name or favorite saying, slip that into a stocking, and Grandpa will have so much fun going over all the different functions.


Shopping for Grandpa this holiday season doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Throw in a little personalization and use these ideas as a guideline, and he will surely be impressed. See more gift ideas for Grandpa.

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