What To Engrave On Groomsman & Bestman Knives

Okay, so you have just found this spectacular, way cool knife for your groomsmen gifts. (or Multi Tools)

But, how do you personalize it especially to each one of them?

This is your lucky day…that’s where we come in! So just wipe the sweat off your brow, and check out all we have to offer with laser-engraving.

wood handled knives for groomsmen

Wood handled knives with initials on blade, and Chinese symbol on handle

  • All prices on our website include your custom engraving–cool, huh?
  • No character limits or extra fees, just part of the purchase!
  • The second side does add an additional charge (available on most knives).
  • Many knives (wood handles, smooth metal handles) can have both the blade and handle engraved. Now that’s sweet.
  • We ship knife orders in 2-4 days, larger orders (100+ pcs) take 3-5 days. Wait until the last minute? No problem, just mention it when checking out, we’ll meet it or contact you if you need to upgrade shipping! We’ve got your back all the way!
  • Personalize your groomsmen knives with their names or initials – we do that all the time… makes the knife that much more unique!
Buck Knife engraved for a groomsman

Buck Knife engraved for a groomsman with their initials on the blade, no other information

Okay, following me? Last step. Follow these guidelines when ordering online or over the phone, and you’ll do great:

  • Add all the knives you want engraved into your cart at once (the number will depend on how many groomsmen you have in your wedding party, right? +Best Man, +One for you).
  • Enter your names in the Special Instructions box, one name per line
  • If you are doing more than one line (hey, why not go all the way?), just enter in in groupings. Let me show you:




Knife with name and date engraved on blade

Engraved Rescue Knife for a wedding party with Name and Date engraved on blade

Away with all your worrying woes! Anyone can order laser-engraving on knives. And there’s just about a million different ways to personalize the knives for your lucky groomsmen.

A good lookin’ example would be:
Titles and Date on one location, Name or Initials on 2nd side.
Such as, Groomsman or name on blade (that’d look sharp!), and MJH on side 2 of blade or on handle.

Or try Title on Handle, Name on Blade.
Or Name and Date on Blade.
Or just Initials on Blade or Handle.

So many different ways to go with this engraving; how do you ever make a decision? Easy, think individually of your groomsmen, their personalities, styles, etc. (Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out, they are your buddies!). Then, order accordingly!

If you want to get your Best Man something a little higher end, order your groomsmen knives and then look for a knife around 25% to 50% higher price point.

Names and titles of wedding party engraved

Black Rescue Knives with names and titles of wedding party

Once you get your personalized, stunningly-engraved knives presented to your groomsmen on the big day, you’ll have some pretty thrilled guys on your hands.

The thought and personal touch on each knife will mean a lot to your groomsmen, and the whole wedding party will be impressed at your fabulous taste.

Oh, don’t forget to order one for you with your name (the lucky Groom) on it! You’ll want to once you see how cool your guys knives look, so do it now while you can get the volume discount and to save on shipping!

Now that you know how easy it is to have engraving done, get going and order some stunners!

Need help deciding? Here are the engraved knives for groomsmen and best men! Start shopping, don’t wait until the last minute!

PS: Wondering if you should engrave Groomsman or Groomsmen? If you are giving a gift to one person, should be Groomsman (singular). If you are referring to a group of guys, it is Groomsmen (you would use plural in an email or when mentioning them all as a group, but not engraved on the knives).

Name of wedding party engraved on handle

Engraved wood handled knife with name on handle, in a gift tin


Engraved multi tool for wedding party

Engraved Leatherman Multi Tool, with couples name on side 1, and then Groomsmen names on side 2

Name and title on handle, and wedding date on blade

Wood handled knives engraved with Name and Title on handle, and couples name and wedding date on blade

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Say “I Do” To Personalized Wedding Gifts


Photo Credit: amsfrank via Compfight cc

With wedding invitations, save-the-date postcards, and almost-forgotten RSVP cards tucked under magnets and covering every inch of your refrigerator door, it’s time to start shopping for wedding gifts.

You could peek at the couple’s gift registry, but it’s probably already been picked over by the early-bird gift buyers and might contain only a handful of overpriced kitchen gadgets destined for the donation pile.

Instead of falling back on a generic gift card or wad of cash, which shows no imagination and will get swallowed up into the newlywed’s budget and forgotten, get creative with unique wedding gift ideas that can be personalized.

Here are the best personalized wedding gifts to shower every couple with.


Cherish their memories

After the buzz of the wedding and honeymoon, newlyweds look forward to receiving their professional photographs so they can relive the excitement of the big day.

Whether it’s a posed photo of the pair gazing lovingly at  each other, or a candid of the smashing cake in each other’s face, help them frame their favorite memory with a personalized frame, such as the 8×10 Silver Hearts Wedding Photo Frame.

Or, give them space for all their wedding photos by presenting them with a Personalized Wedding Rings Photo Album.

Be sure to include not only their names but also the date of their nuptials.


Stock their kitchen

Dating may have been all about nice dinners out, but for many couples, the newlywed days feature plenty of misguided cooking attempts and pizza delivery.

Help them get a decent dinner on the table with a personalized cutting board.

The Circle Monogram Totally Bamboo Cutting Board is the perfect way to show off their new last name, as well as the year they tied the knot.

Does the happy couple like a little more rustic look?  Try the new Rustic Monogram Totally Bamboo Cutting Board design instead!  With a look reminiscent of a wine barrel, it makes a great addition to any country kitchen.

Or, help them bless the food they prepare by adding their name to the scripture from Matthew 6:11 on the 6×9 Bamboo Cutting Board.


Offer a toast

Help them keep the romance alive long after the vows with a wine presentation box.

The Wine Presentation Box With 6 Tools and 2 Glasses contains everything they need for a romantic evening at home, including glasses, corkscrew, stopper, and thermometer.

Just pop in a bottle of vino and encourage the happy couple to use it for celebrating a milestone such as a promotion, new home, or 1-month anniversary. Or, they can use it to reconnect after their first newlywed spat!

Or, give them all the tools they’ll need for their future sips with the Five Piece Wine Tools Gift Set.

During wedding season, it can be tough to keep up with all the gifts you need to purchase.  Put a little imagination into it, consider personalizing, and take a look at these other ideas for wedding gifts!

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Personalized Housewarming Gifts They’ll Actually Want

Photo Credit: Jared Zimmerman via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Jared Zimmerman via Compfight cc

Whether it’s their first apartment, a place to grow their family, or a spot to retire, a new home is a major milestone.

Sadly, housewarming gifts usually end up being bland, boring, last-minute purchases.

No one really wants to top off moving day with a potted plant to take care of, and yet another home improvement store gift card could get lost in the new junk drawer.

Instead, a personalized gift is the perfect way to mark the event. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites.


Cook up a great gift

Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances often lure homebuyers, but on moving day they may realize their kitchen is a bit under-furnished.

Help them channel their inner Julia Child with a custom cutting board.

The Circle Monogram Totally Bamboo Cutting Board makes a beautiful housewarming gift when you add the recipient’s names, initial and the date of their house purchase.

If their cooking needs a little inspiration, the Recipe Design Totally Bamboo Cutting Board is a unique way to pass on a favorite recipe.


Offer a toast

A housewarming party is a time of celebration. Plus, unpacking boxes is always easier with a glass of Merlot.

Come ready to toast the new residents. The Wine Bottle Presentation Box with Tools with Burlwood Finish is elegant and comes with everything needed to pop open a bottle of your favorite vintage.

Stash a bottle of red or white inside and know that your friends will use the tools over and over again.


Deck their walls

New homeowners have lofty dreams of decking out their space with their own style.

But paying for closing costs, springing for movers, and charging all the unexpected costs of homeownership may leave little left in their wallets for décor.

A wall decal or sign is a fun gift that adds a splash of personality to empty spaces.

The Laundry Wall Decal livens up an often-overlooked room. Or, the Customized Welcome Wall Decal can be personalized with the family’s name and colors while inviting friends and family in.

Or, swap the vinyl for wood and add a little rustic charm to their home.

The Engraved Solid Wood Circle Plaque can be customized with 8 different designs to allow you to pick the message that would best fit the homeowner.


You don’t have to agonize about what to get and then wind up feeling like you settled on a gift.

Just think outside the box a little bit, throw in a little personalization, and check out these other ideas for customized home and hosting gifts!

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The Positive Effects of Giving Tokens to Customers


Photo Credit: Aaron Landry via Compfight cc

Have you ever had a friend do something unexpectedly kind (like offering to watch your rugrats so you could go shopping alone), and then found yourself in the kitchen baking cookies to say thanks?

Or maybe your spouse washed the dishes when it was your turn and you suddenly felt inspired to make them breakfast?

The natural reaction of doing something for someone else after they do something for you or give something to you is called reciprocity — and it works just as well in the business world as it does at home.

In fact, some savvy researchers tested the theory of reciprocity out on restaurant servers and found that the result was dramatically higher tips.

Servers that simply presented diners with a piece of candy at the end of the meal received an extra 3% in tips. But, servers that mentioned to diners that they were giving them the candy because they thought they might enjoy it saw their tips increase by as much as 21%.

Servers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this routine of giving and getting.

Every business can see a positive impact from giving a little something extra to customers.

The good news is your business doesn’t need to spend all the profits on treating customers; just a small token can pay off in terms of larger sales, repeat business, referrals and positive reviews.

But, like the servers from the study, the biggest results don’t come with simply giving. The real payoff comes when the item you give is meaningful and enjoyable for the customer.

This personalization, along with a quick mention that they are getting something extra, takes a token over the top.

Here’s a few ways to make reciprocity work for your business…

  • Any time customers need to complete or sign a form, give them a pen and mention that it is theirs to keep.
  • With each order, include a sample of another item the customer might like, with a note explaining why the item was chosen.
  • Give customers digital copies of their forms, contracts, or photographs on a USB drive.
  • Offer stickers or small toys to parents, mentioning how well-behaved their kids are (or commiserating if they are not).
  • Offer tape measures to customers considering furniture, flooring, window coverings or other home improvement items along with expert advice for taking accurate measurements.
  • Give potential customers interested in joining a gym or fitness center a sports bottle when they come in for a tour.
  • Give new customers a “First Time Buyer Bonus” of any personalized token related to your business and welcome them to your family.

It doesn’t take much to make your customers feel special and keep them coming back.  Consider these token ideas, and watch the results roll in!

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How to Give The Best Real Estate Closing Gifts

After months of showing your clients dozens of houses, handling back and forth offers, and sweating the financials, closing day is finally here.

Once the final paperwork is signed, leave new homeowners with more than just

Engraved Cutting Board Closing Gift Example

Engraved Cutting Board Closing Gift Example

boxes to unpack by giving them a unique closing gift.

Real estate is all about relationships, and closing gifts let you part as friends, no matter how stressful the buying process was. Plus, clients who receive a closing gift are more likely to use you the next time they need an agent–and they may recommend you to their friends in the meantime.

But you can’t just pick up a generic gift card and expect it to create an impression.

For too long realtors have relied on home improvement gift cards or (even worse) boring grocery store gift cards as closing gifts. Being able to pick up some cereal and milk on you just doesn’t impress clients. They spend it and forget it.

Instead, you need closing gifts that will stick around for decades and remind homeowners of you each time they use them.

 A business card that never gets thrown out.

Make it practical

Maglite Flashlight

Maglite Flashlight

Buyers–especially first time homeowners–have a long list of things on their moving day shopping list. Check something off that list for them with a practical closing gift that will stick around.

Every homeowner needs a high-quality flashlight, like the Maglite Rechargeable LED Flashlight, for unexpected power outages or exploring the recesses of the attic.

A multi tool, like the Leatherman Sidekick, is perfect for homeowners who need to tackle a few repair projects.

Leatherman Multi Tool

Leatherman Multi Tool



Make it personal

Real estate closing gifts don’t have to be one-size-fits-all.

By the end of the buying process you are sure to know what your clients are most looking forward to in their new home, so give a gift that speaks to their homeownership dreams.

Personalized Cutting Board

Cutting Board

Are they thrilled about the gourmet kitchen? Give them a custom cutting board.

Are they looking forward to sipping wine on the patio? A personalized wine box is the perfect way to help them celebrate.

If they can’t wait for family movie nights in the den, let them snuggle up with a laser engraved blanket.


Make it profitable

You might feel like close friends with your clients, but a closing gift is more than a nice gesture. It’s also a chance to keep your name in front of your clients over the long term.

Putting your name on logo on a closing gift also has the advantage of being a tax-deductible advertising expense (as long as your name or logo is on the item).

A canvas bag or reusable shopping tote featuring your logo can be stuffed with practical moving-day essentials such as paper plates, painter’s tape and cleaning products.

Wow your clients with a thoughtful, long-lasting, personalized closing gift at your next closing.

To Personalize or Not to Personalize?

Photo Credit: chrisinplymouth via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: chrisinplymouth via Compfight cc

A personalized gift stands out in clients’ minds more than a generic gift, so when you have time and the client’s info (last name, date of closing, etc) personalizing is almost always the way to go.

On the flip side, a generic engraved closing gift (for example, “Welcome Home!” or “A Home is Forever” engraved) is a great option when you don’t want to manage the logistics of sending in names to engrave and combining gifts for the upcoming closings you have.

Many of our real estate clients do a combination of the two: They prefer a personalized gift, and send in 3 to 6 names at a time when they have time before closings. For those times when things sneak up on them, they have a stash (usually 6 to 12 engraved gifts) on hand so they are never without an awesome closing gift at closing.

Did you miss the closing date with your gift?

Don’t sweat it – send the gift directly to your clients home! A personalized gift a few days later is better than no gift at all (or something forgetful like a gift card).

LazerDesigns partners with many real estate agents and firms across the country for timely, quality closing gifts for their clients. For high volume accounts we have pre-buy plans, allowing you to pre-order your own inventory and then place individual orders as you have closings, personalized with the clients names.

Check out our awesome selection of closing gifts for your next closing today!

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The Best Personalized Father’s Day Gifts for 2015!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and we know you want to get the perfect gift for the special dad in your life.  (order by June 12th for Ground shipping!) Here are a few suggestions from our Lazer Team:
Give your Dad this elegant bamboo 5 piece BBQ set comes with serrated-edge spatula, BBQ fork, tongs, knife, basting brush, bottle opener, matching bamboo case with carry handle. Have his name laser engraved onto the lid of the case for that extra special touch!

 Other AWESOME Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

A new flashlight from Maglite – the handy 2AA now with a long-lasting LED bulb! Think Dad would like something a little larger?  Check out some more

This year get Dad this amazing 9″ high resolution Digital Photo Frame featuring an inbuilt motion sensor that will turn itself on when it sensing motion and off again when none is present. This frame is perfect for parents and grandparents who just want a frame that works without the hassle of having to actually operate it.

The Leatherman Wingman is a no-nonsense utility tool that will make your life easier, be it at home or at work. Equipped with an easy to use blade and state of the art spring action jaws, it is not something you can miss out on. Sized perfectly to fit in your pocket, the multipurpose wingman ensures you have access to a variety of handy tools at all times.

Give your Dad a gift he’ll treasure for years!
The championship trophy is gold foiled and your Dad’s name is permanently laser engraved into the wood box and pens! Made from solid wood with a smooth, clear finish. Maple and rosewood wood grain highlights the uniqueness of each quality piece in a way that only wood can. These top quality pen boxes with sturdy hinges will last for years.

 Other AWESOME Father’s Day Gift Ideas:


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Celebrate High School Graduation With Personalized Gifts

Photo Credit: Azri Azahar via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Azri Azahar via Compfight cc

Right now, many high school seniors might be more concerned with prom dresses and tuxes, or whether their shorts are close enough to the dress code.

But in a few short weeks they will be putting on their cap and gown and strolling across the stage to grab their diploma.

That also means that it’s time to start shopping for graduation gifts.

Whether you are a parent who’s ready to celebrate and breathe a big sign of relief, or a special mentor who needs tokens for enough grads to fill a classroom, personalized items are a special way to commemorate their big accomplishment.

From practical to sentimental, these are the top personalized gift ideas for graduates:


Keep Study Skills on Track

graduation notebookAs senioritis sets in, teens are eagerly anticipating the end of homework, research papers and algebra exams.

But if they’re headed to college, the study sessions are just getting started. Look for personalized gift ideas that inspire them to keep up the academic routine.

From Plato’s philosophies to applied physics, a notebook or padfolio will be perfect for jotting down all the new things they will learn in college.

The Engraved Bamboo Notebook comes with a bamboo click pen and 80 lined pages to allow your grad space to jot notes and deadlines in their new classes.

Top 4 Ideas for Notebooks:

1. Bamboo Notebook & Pen

leatherette notebook personalized2. Black Matte Metal Notebook/Padfolio

3. Tech Gray & Leather Portfolio

4. Leatherette Notebook (in pink, green, yellow or burgundy)

Make Sure They Stay Connected

graduation chargerFor many college students, studying means whipping out a tablet or cellphone to read course materials online and access electronic textbooks. 

But when those devices go dead, it’s a good excuse to watch some daytime TV and gossip with their roommate.

A personalized power bank lets them recharge on the go so they never have to miss out on an online course discussion, or a call home to Mom and Dad.

Top Ideas for Electronics:

1. Mini 2600mAh External Battery with LED Flashlight

2. Solar Charger / Powerbank 3000mAh


Keep Them Caffeinated and Hydrated

For many seniors, graduation is a leap into a hectic schedule of school and work. It can be difficult for a young person to manage so many responsibilities, so give them a gift that keeps them fueled for everything that comes their way.

A travel mug or thermos holds plenty of caffeine to charge late-night study sessions and early morning commutes to class. Or, a sports bottle will keep them hydrated on their treks across campus.

Top 3 Ideas for Drinkware:

1. Thermos 160z Stainless King

2. Contigo West Loop Stainless Steel Tumbler

3. Hydra 24oz Stainless Sport Bottle


Make Sure They’re Prepared On the Go

graduation wingmanAnd if something happens during one of those predawn drives between work and school, make sure they have just what they need to take care of the situation.

A multi-tool will ensure that they have just what they need. The Leatherman Wingman comes complete with scissors, a screwdriver, and pliers, to make sure your grad has all the right tools.

Top 3 Ideas for Multi-Tools:

1. Leatherman Wingman

2. Maglite AA and Wingman Gift Set

3. Leatherman Micra


Shed Some Light on the Situation

Whether they need light to make a quick fix in their dorm room or need to study for midterms without waking their roommate, a personalized flashlight will help take care of business.

The Maglite Mini AA Flashlight is compact enough to carry in their backpack and switches between spot and flood beams to give them the best light for any situation.

Top 3 Ideas for Flashlights:

1. Maglite Mini AA

2. Leatherman LED Lenser P4BM

3. Inova XS 2.9″ LED


Give Them a Personalized Pocketknife

When graduation time comes, a pocketknife makes an excellent, special keepsake and also comes in handy for a variety of uses in a grad’s life. Cutting tags and opening packages of school supplies and textbook rentals has never been easier.

The Personalized Campground Gift Set comes with both a knife and a Zippo lighter, to make sure your grad is set for everything. Plus, you can get both pieces personalized with their name, graduation year, or a special message to make the gift complete.

Top 3 Ideas for Pocketknives:

1. Personalized Campground Gift Set

2. Buck Nobleman

3. Black Blade Wood Inlay Knife


Supply a Special Writing Set

When they’re taking notes or putting together papers, a good pen set will come in handy. Plus, personalized with their name, graduation year, a personal message or personalized clip art, that pen set can be a keepsake for years to come.

The Double Pen Box comes in a choice of maple or rosewood and gives you the option of ballpoint or rollerball pen, or mechanical pencil.

Give your grad a pen and pencil set, and they’ll be all set when it comes time to take notes or tests.

Top 3 Ideas for Pen Sets:

1. Double Wood Pen Box with Two Pens or Pencils

2. Bamboo Double Pen Set

3. Presentation Pen Set with Window


Provide a Sweet Memento from Home

While graduation is a time to prepare for the next step, it’s also a time to celebrate accomplishments and cherished relationships.  Consider a sweet gift that shows your graduate how much you love them.

For young ladies, present her with a beautiful Heart Charm Bracelet just before the ceremony.  Not only will it go perfectly with her cap and gown, it will serve as the first piece in her grown-up jewelry collection and also be a much-loved tie to you when she gets homesick in the days ahead.

Top 3 Ideas for Accessories:

1. Pewter Finish Pocket Watch

2. Silver Oval Cuff Links

3. Heart Charm Bracelet


No matter the student, personalized gifts for graduates make their special day even more sweet, and can help them prepare for the adventures ahead. Help them start that journey today!

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