3 Tips To Pick The Best Promotional Items To Represent Your Brand

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With marketing budgets stretched thin, every decision has to be carefully weighed.

Where is the best place to sink your advertising dollars?

What will reach your audience and convince them to take action?

While sleek print ads in the local paper might seem like a good idea and radio spots might sound like the best bet, promotional products will actually offer the best return on your investment.

Giving out promotional products offers a lower cost-per-impression than advertising on prime-time TV or in national magazines or newspapers, and a similar cost-per-impression to internet or radio ads.

The average cost-per-impression on promotional products in the U.S. is .6¢, where ads for newspapers, magazines, or TV range from .9¢ to 2.4¢ per impression.1

Plus, you are giving promotional products to your target audience instead of casting a wide net like you would with ads, giving you a better opportunity for return on your advertising efforts.


Promotional items are proven to work

While most people just toss mail outs without opening them and fast-forward through television ads, a shocking 85% of people say they like receiving a promotional product.

And, it’s not just about getting a freebie. Promotional items actually work!

In fact, 89% of consumers report that they remember the name of the company that give them a promotional item and 85% say that they will then do business with that company.  That’s pretty good odds for the simple act of handing out an inexpensive pen!

However, not all promotional items are created equal. Some will do a better job than others of reaching your target audience and communicating your message. So how do you choose?

Here are a handful of tips for selecting the right promotional items for your brand.


1. It must be useful

There are many eye-catching promotional items out there, but if they don’t serve a purpose, they won’t stick around.

Your recipient might toss an impractical item in the junk drawer for a little while, but the next time they go on a decluttering binge, it will land it the trash.

Rather than tossing your advertising dollars in the waste bin, opt for items that people will use over and over again.

Key chains will be front and center each time they start their daily commute, but a keychain flashlight is even better because it does double duty.

The Leatherman LED Lenser K2L flashlight key chain is water resistant, has a beam range of 20 meters, and comes in 3 different colors, allowing you to represent your brand in the way you choose.

Or, the High Polish Chrome Keychain Bottle Opener does double-duty as a key chain and a bottle opener. Plus, it looks sharp doing it!

Find something that fits in their daily life and they will see your brand every time they pick it up.


2. Choose a high-quality item

Not only do the items you hand out carry your name, they also convey a message about level of excellence you deliver.

If a promotional item feels flimsy, looks cheap or falls apart, it isn’t going to send the right message.

Instead, opt for items that demonstrate the commitment to quality you want your brand to be known for. Quality over quantity!

While a simple coffee mug might be a good choice, a travel mug will feel a bit more upscale and solid.

The Challenge 12oz Stainless Steel Tumbler is made of double-walled stainless steel, giving it a good weight. It also comes in 9 crisp colors, and your logo or business name lasers in sharp silver on the black material.

Not only will such a promotional product look sharp, but it will be useful for years to come.


3. Mix it up

You know that annoying sound the refrigerator makes? No? You’ve probably heard it so long that you tune it out now.

Over time, people start to filter out things that have become routine.

Don’t let your promotional items get stale. Instead switch it up and keep things interesting so that you continue to capture the attention of your recipients.

That doesn’t mean that you have to veer off in a totally different direction.

If you’ve given away pens for years, try switching to a triangle pen, a bamboo pen, or even a stylus pen. Or combine two options in one, with the Triad Triangle Stylus Pen.

The little change might be enough to recapture waning attention.



Promotional products have power — you just have to know how to harness it!

Try these simple ideas to promote your brand, and get the most out of your advertising budget.


1. ASI Central Ad Specialty Impressions Study, 2014. http://www.asicentral.com/Downloads/Public/impressionstudy/impressions-study-2014.pdf

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Where to Get Hydro Flask’s Engraved – Hydro Flask Engraving

Hydro Flask bottles are becoming more and more popular since they were introduced in 2008, and why not?

Engraved 18oz Hydro Flask

Custom Engraved 18oz Hydro Flask

Durable, insulated, great colors and high quality. Plus, they look great custom engraved!

We’ve been engraving Hydro Flasks since 2013, with great results. The laser process removes the coating, revealing the metal underneath, resulting in a high quality and high end look you can feel with your fingers.

Not sure you want to spring for Hydro Flasks? Check out nearly identical insulated bottles here, with similar performance but lower price point.

“I placed an order to have Hydroflasks engraved as Officer gifts and for general members for our Yacht Club. Everyone I worked with was fantastic. The engraved Hydro flasks arrived today and they are perfect! We will be ordering more. ” – Jenny

What about Yeti Ramblers? Yes, we do those too! And Swell bottles. Same process as getting Hydro Flasks engraved. Also RTIC can insulators and RTIC tumblers.

How does the engraving process work?

Hydro Flask Engraving Steps

Engraved 20oz Hydro Flask

Engraved 20oz Hydro Flask

  1. Email us for a quote. Include your quantity, what Hydro Flask model/color and your logo/text you want to engrave.
  2. We’ll send you a quote and give you shipping details for your bottles.
  3. Once confirmed, we will put an order in and email you an order # to reference on your shipments of Hydro Flask.
  4. Locate your Hydro Flask online at amazon or at a local retailer. We don’t provide the bottles and only charge for engraving. (we recommend, and most people use, amazon and have them shipped directly to us)
  5. Send your Hydro Flasks to us to engrave (have amazon ship directly to us with your order # as the Attention line in shipping address, very important)
  6. We do an email proof for you to approve
  7. We engrave and ship your bottles to you
  8. The whole process takes around 3 to 6 days (a few days for bottles to arrive to us and get proof approved, few days to engrave after that happens, few days for shipping to you. We ship out of Colorado.) If you have a deadline mention that when getting a quote.

Click here to email us and get a quote to get your Hydro Flask’s engraved!

I ordered laser personalization of Hydroflasks through LazerDesigns and am very happy with the whole experience, from beginning to end. They are professional, and produced a quality product. It was very easy to reach a live person when I had questions. The flasks looked fantastic and the gift recipients loved them. I will definitely use LazerDesigns again if we want to reorder similar items. Lucy, from CA on 21oz Assorted colors

Working with Mac at LazerDesigns was a great experience. We sent them an order of Hydroflask bottles and they engraved our custom design on them. The arrived yesterday and they look awesome! – Chris from AZ, on 21oz Red bottles

We found LazerDesign when we were looking for a giveaway for a conference we were exhibiting at, so we went with customized 32 oz. Hydro Flasks. I reached out for a price quote and was attended to immediately. We had a short turn-time and the team at LazerDesign worked with us and made it happen 3 days before I needed them in-hand. We are in love! – Julie Sepulveda from CA on 32oz Orange bottles

Had a hydroflask customized, great service, friendly staff. – Clint from CA on 40oz Purple bottle

My experience with Lazer Designs was awesome!! Leyah was really quick and responsive by email and everything got handled perfectly. The bottles we had engraved turned out great and the people who received them as gifts at our wedding loved them! I would totally do business with Lazer Designs again.” – Steve on 21oz and 40oz Bottles in White

“I am so pleased with how the personalized Hydroflasks turned out. My wedding party is going to be so excited to get such a unique, but useful gift. The quality is top notch! Thank you again LazerDesigns!” – Erika from California on 21oz Bottles Assorted Colors

“I found LazerDesigns on the web while searching for a company to engrave Hydroflasks for my golf team. From my first phone call the service people took care of everything on the order. They answered all my questions. Just took delivery of the items yesterday and was thrilled when I opened the box and first saw the items. WOW! Great job! The team is going to love them. Thanks for making these such special items for my team.” – Jodi from Illinois, on 18oz and 32oz Red and Black bottles

“The growler engraving looks amazing! It’ll be the perfect gift, thank you!” – Ingrid from Anchorage, AK, on a 64oz Cobalt Growler

“My Hydroflask pint came out looking GREAT! Excellent job.” – Chris from California on multiple 16oz black Pints

“I bought a HydroFlask and had it shipped to LazerDesigns for a custom US Air Force design creation for my retiree wife. The actual finished product FAR exceeded my expectations and my wife absolutely loves it!
Customer Service was superb! Sarah was extremely patient with my many questions.
I would absolutely order from LazerDesigns again.”
– Alex from NC 16oz Hydro Flask with 3.5″ wrap

20oz Hydro Flask Personalized

20oz Hydro Flask Personalized

What do people typically engrave on their Hydro Flask’s?

  • Businesses engrave their logo for employee awards (safety awards, recognition or party favors)
  • Boy Scout troops or outdoor organizations custom engrave their troop logo or name to celebrate big trips
  • Wedding favors – bride and groom names and a symbol of a heart or rings customize any Hydro Flask for the big event
  • Retail businesses love our engraving since we turn around fast and they can then sell in their stores, custom Hydro Flasks have higher resale and higher perceived value
  • Individuals engrave quotes, clipart, symbols and dates to personalized their flask – to make sure no one steals it!
32oz Hydro Flask Engraved Landscape

32oz Hydro Flask Engraved Landscape

Duck Club Hydro Flask

Duck Club Hydro Flask

Blue and Black Hydro Flask

Blue and Black Customized Hydro Flask

Hydro Flask Bottles

Custom Hydro Flask Bottles

Engraved Hydro Flask

Custom Engraved Hydro Flask

Click here to email us and get a quote to get your Hydro Flask’s engraved!


Hydro Flask Layout Options

Hydro Flask Layout Options







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Make Valentine’s Day Sweet With These Personalized Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her

Photo Credit: krystal.pritchett via Compfight cc

Finding the perfect Valentine’s gift for that special lady in your life can be challenging, but we have the solution.

These personalized Valentine’s gift ideas show her that you care, and they’re also cute and practical.

Choose from this list, and she’ll remember your thoughtfulness all year.

Looking for personalized gifts for him?


Fleece Blankets

One out-of-the-box idea is to get your Valentine a soft, cozy fleece blanket.

The Super Plush Valentine’s Day Sweethearts Blanket can be engraved with a standard poem or your own personalized message. 

Plus, it comes in an assortment of colors so you can choose the blanket that will suit her best. With that and your choice of message, you can be sure to make her gift perfectly personalized.



You can keep her caffeinated, warm, and thinking of you, all with one gift.

The Thermos Stainless King keeps drinks hots for 5 hours, or cold for 9 hours, and looks classy in the process–only the best for your Valentine.

You can engrave the bottle with Valentines-themed hearts, a sweet message, or keep it simple with her name in a nice font. Not only will it look great, but it will get used over and over again.

Guys love these mugs, too! For ideas on what to get a special guy for Valentine’s Day, check out our post on Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him.


Personalized Compact

Some people check their reflections in passing windows or in the reflection on their iPhone.

For a classy and stylish alternative, try giving her a personalized compact. This compact has a pretty scalloped edge and two mirrors on the inside.

Your art or text engraves in a beautiful tone-on-tone finish to complete the look, making a truly elegant Valentine’s gift.


Agate Slice

For a fresh idea and something she’ll never expect, what about a customized agate slice?

Agate comes in a beautiful array of colors and sizes, and no piece is like another, making it a truly unique and personal gift.

Agate slices can be made into magnets, necklaces, key chains, or plaques. Add your special message to your color and size of choice, and she’ll treasure that unique present for a long time to come.


Picture Frames

Photo FramePicture frames can fit any personality, with finishes from bamboo to silver. Plus, framing something important to her could score you extra points.

Frame her favorite photo in a customized picture frame, like the Glitz Silver 5×7 Frame.

Or, check out our other Valentine’s Day picture frames!

You can complete the gift by engraving something special on the frame, such as your anniversary date or a sweet message.


Phone Cases

She uses her cell phone all day, so why not give her a personalized phone caiPhone Casesse?

It will not only protect her phone but remind her of you every time she uses it.

Choose a case in her favorite color or engrave a special greeting on the Nature Custom iPhone 5 Wood Case for a thoughtful Valentine’s gift.


Pocket Knives

Delica KnifeOn the hunt or in the house, a woman sometimes need a dependable knife for use in the camp or the craft room.

With a sturdy 3-inch locking steel blade and convenient pocket clip, the Spyderco Delica is sure to come in handy.

Plus, with a handle that comes in so many different colors, you can find the color that will suit her best.


Ceramic Mugs

Ceramic MugImprinted with her name, favorite animal, or inspirational quote, a custom ceramic mug is an excellent Valentine’s gift.

It’s available in almost any color and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

With the 14oz Personalized Jumbo Ceramic Mug, you get a classy two-toned effect and can keep that special someone hydrated all year round.


Cutting Boards

Maple Cutting BoardsWhen the woman on your gift list has a particular passion, she needs a custom shaped cutting board.

These maple cutting boards are fun, useful, and totally customizable.

Select a design that speaks to her. Does she love baking? Get one shaped like a cupcake!

Whether it’s her favorite animal, sport, or something special, this gift is truly a personal one any woman will adore.


Leather Notebooks

Leatherette NotebookIf she loves to write, a personalized leather notebook is an excellent gift idea.

Not only is it useful, but it’s beautiful and perfectly sentimental when engraved with your art or text.

The Personalized Leatherette Notebook comes in four color options so you can choose the color that she will like best.

Plus, it includes an elastic closure and a ribbon marker so she can always find her spot.


This year, you can skip the line at the florist and find the perfect gift for the woman in your life. Simply choose from these personalized Valentine’s gift ideas, and this year she’s sure to be impressed.

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Break Out of the Chocolate Box with These Personalized Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

Photo Credit: FutUndBeidl via Compfight cc

When Valentine’s Day creeps up on you, it can be hard to think of what to get that special guy in your life.

As loved and appreciated as they may be, men can also be the toughest to shop for.

This Valentine’s Day, skip the sugar rush of chocolates and try these personalized Valentines gift ideas for him.

 Looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for her?


From broken toys to leaky faucets, some guys can fix anything. That handiness is equal parts elbow grease and the right tools.

Leatherman WaveForget scrounging though a messy toolbox; make sure he has exactly what he needs with a convenient multi-tool.

The Leatherman Wave is the ultimate all-in-one with 17 different tools, including pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, files, knives and scissors.

Inscribe it with his name, a special date, or a sweet message like, “Love you forever.”

Lighter weight option is the Leatherman Rev – the tools he needs, less weight.


Photo Frames

You’ve had some great times together. What better way to remember them than with a custom heart photo frame? Perfect for his office or desk, his home-away-from-home.

Choose the photo that best represents your relationship and give it to him in a fun frame.

You can get it engraved with your names, anniversary, vows, or even something fun like a movie quote that exemplifies your relationship.


Pocket Watch

Some guys like golf shirts and ironic superhero tees, and some guys like to throw a touch of tradition and class into their daily wear.

Pewter Pocket Watch

If your husband or boyfriend likes things perfectly old-fashioned, help him accessorize with a classic pocket watch.

The Pewter Finish Pocket Watch is an iconic timepiece that is suitable for everyone from empty nesters to young hipsters. Plus, peeking at a pocket watch is much more sophisticated than pulling out a smartphone to check the time.

Make it personal by adding his initials or a date with special meaning.


Engraved Glassware

If your Valentine enjoys a drink every now and then, give him something special to pour it in. Red plastic cups have their place, but so does classic glassware.

Beer Mug

Give his favorite craft brew, wine or whiskey an upgrade with engraved glassware.

The 15 oz. Personalized Glass Beer Mug is ideal for storing in the freezer for a frosty drink. And with your personalized engraving, he’ll think of you every time he takes a sip.


Personalized Hunting Knife

Hunting KnifeIs he a hunter?  Get your Valentine something he’ll be sure to use on the hunt and every day.

A hunting knife is a practical gift, but is sure to inspire an excited reaction upon opening. The Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife has a fixed blade and a soft-grip rubber handle to make camp work a breeze.

Make it even more special by adding his name or a short quote engraved on the blade. He will remember that gift for a long time because the knife will be around for a long time! See more personalized knife ideas.


Travel Mugs

Travel MugMaybe your husband or boyfriend is never without a cup of coffee. At home, it can be ceramic, but at work, it helps to have one in rough-and-tumble stainless steel.

Get him a travel mug to make the journey with him to work. The Thermos Stainless King 16oz Travel Mug will keep his coffee hot and his hands cool and will look great doing it.

For engraving, you can request artwork or inscribe a personalized message that will surely warm his heart just like his coffee.



HeadlampEvery guy has a use for a flashlight. Maybe he loves to camp, or work on cars, or tell a mean ghost story.

The LED Lenser Headlamp will keep his hands free while he scouts forest trails or fixes cars.

Plus, it can be personalized with his name or initials so everyone knows to keep their hands off.

Think a flashlight is right for your man? See more ideas here.



Valentine’s Gifts don’t all have to be sweet and over-the-top.  If it’s a newer relationship or he’s more of a simple guy, a small multi-tool could be a good option.

The Leatherman Brewzer is a fun little multi-tool with a bottle opener, mini pry, and key ring hole to keep it handy.

The Stainless Steel DoohicKey Key Tool has a box cutter, bottle opener, wrench, ruler, and flat head screwdriver — all in one handy tool.

If you give one of these guys to your Valentine, he’s going to have so much fun learning all the different functions.

Shopping for guys is a challenge because we want to give them something they’re really going to love. This Valentine’s Day, throw a little spice into the gift mix with these personalized gift ideas.  He is going to be so impressed.

Shop for more personalized gifts for guys.

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Bamboo Notebook and Pen Product Review

Bamboo notebooks are a beautiful way to take notes!

Spiral bound, bamboo cover front and back, make this a great gift. Personalize with photos, text, logos, and pair with a quality pen for the complete package.



The bamboo notebook, your logo, text or photograph beautifully laser engraved into the front of the notebook.

The front and back are made out of thick bamboo for sturdiness. It is spiral bound and lays flat easily, and is full with 80 pages of lined, double sided paper.

It comes with this bamboo pen, which is held in place with an elastic loop.

The elastic closure loop holds the top securely in place when not in use.

The bamboo notebook is 5 3/4″ wide by just over 7″ tall.

Click here to personalize one today!

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Real World Ways Your Small Business Can Be Green, with Examples from LazerDesigns

At LazerDesigns, we believe in stewarding our resources for the good of our people, our community and our world. What can a small business do to make a difference and have a positive impact? How can your company be “green” and create sustainability?

Here’s a few real-world examples from LazerDesigns.

1. Redeem Boxes – Now THAT’S recycling, reusing what you can

At LazerDesigns, we see over 25,000 boxes come in and out our doors as we fulfill orders. That’s a lot of boxes! Through our Redeemed Boxes program, we re-tape, relabel, and reuse shipping boxes that are still structurally sound.

This is real recycling – no energy spent to break it down, clean it, and recreate it.

This also saves us and our customers thousands of dollars a year! This is savings we pass on through our competitive prices.

Of course, what we cannot reuse, we recycle.

2. Install LED Lighting

While LED lighting is still expensive (though prices are coming down), rebates from energy companies are encouraging businesses to bring down the energy consumption.

Why are LED lights greener?

  1. Lower power consumption
  2. Create less heat, lowering your AC bill
  3. No toxic mercury (though they do contain nickle, lead, arsenic)
  4. More than 95% of LED lighting is recyclable

Does installing LED lighting in your business makes sense? Here’s how it broke down for us:

  • We needed to retrofit our lighting from an old, outdated bulb type, so we had to upgrade to a newer, more energy efficient lighting type
  • Retrofitting to newer T8 and T5 was expensive, but so is LED
  • When comparing retrofitting with LED lighting, LED lighting was actually lower cost than T8 or T5
  • Add in the lower energy cost of LED lighting+ energy rebate, and the winner is LED

Plus, LED Lighting does look better!

Before LED lighting upgrade

Part of our warehouse before LED lighting upgrade

After LED Lighting upgrade

After LED Lighting upgrade

3. Go as Paperless as possible

Whenever possible, we email documents. We’ve invested in an up-to-date paperless system for our customers. We don’t do much faxing (that’s so 90’s. Or 80’s). With digital signing, long agreements don’t need to be printed.

4. Reuse clean packing supplies

Packing paper, peanuts, air bubbles — it can all be reused multiple times. Instead of throwing it away, we reuse it.

Other idea: Use newspaper to pack boxes (we don’t do this, but some of our vendors do)

How does your business reuse, recycle and redeem resources?


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Lazer Designs Partners with Living Water and Builds a Well in India!

Living Water Blog

The original well in Kesayarayenpalem


The mission behind Lazer Designs has always been to help others in whatever way we can and shine the Light to others.

One of the ways we can help is through partnering with others.

In the Kesayarayenpalem community in the Anhdra Pradesh of India, one tube well was available to support 1,000 people.

The well was in a poor location and couldn’t meet the needs of the growing population.

Then Lazer Designs and Living Water partnered together to help bring relief.

After we donated the funds to build the well, the Living Water team worked to build a new one that would relieve the pressure on the single water source in Kesayarayenpalem.

With this new well, the community of Kesayarayenpalem has access to clean, safe water.

Women and children testing out the new well

Women and children testing out the new well

“The old well was close to drainage and the water stunk and was not good for drinking,” shared the local pastor, and “The Living Water well is giving us sweet water! Thank you.”

We feel called to make an impact on our community in Colorado and around the world. Wherever that mission leads us, we will go. Thanks for your support in partnering with us.

well photos india


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