Different Types of Spyderco Edge Grinds Explained – with Photos

A Spyderco knife is as long lasting as it is legendary, as durable as they are versatile.

On many Spyderco knife models you have a choice of one of the below edge grinds.

spyderedge combo edge
Plain Edge – a sharpened edge with no serrations or teeth, sometimes referred to as a “smooth” edge. SpyderEdge – An edge featuring Spyderco’s two-step serration pattern consisting of one large and two small serrations. This pattern increases the cutting edge’s surface area by up to 24% Combination Edge – A blade with an edge that is partially Plain Edge and partially SpyderEdge (The preferred Edge Style of this author)

Which edge do you prefer, and why? Let us know in the Comments below!

Picked your Edge? Now Personalize your knife, click here to get started!

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Six tips to grow your photography business

'Photographing the photographer' photo (c) 2008, naixn - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/Photography is a great business to be in! I have some friends who are in it, and am always amazed at the memories they can capture.

Here are a few ideas on how to grow your photography business. Share your experiences in the comment section!

  1. Be active on social sites – sites like facebook and flickr are photo rich, great opportunities to show off your amazing shots
  2. Design your website around showing off your photos (use wordpress.org and a good photo business theme)
  3. Setup your business on all the big directories (Google Places, yahoo maps, mapquest, superpages, citcysearch)
  4. Get connected on the wedding websites – weddingwire.com for instance
  5. Offer your clients the option to buy their photographs off your laser engraved, customized usb drives – easier to use than a CD, useful for years, plus it has your logo and name on it!
  6. Always follow up with a thank you card or gift and ask for referrals. Ask something specific, like “Do you have any other friends who have just had babies that would like photographs done?”

Good luck!

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What to engrave? Tips, ideas and help on choosing the best custom engraving

So, you have picked the perfect gift to personalize for that special someone.  Now you are sitting in front of your computer, wondering what in the world to laser engrave on the gift!  Personalizing a gift or award can be fun and makes your item stand out, but, it can also be challenging to choose what to say.  Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • Name of recipient
  • Purpose of gift/award (ie. Happy Birthday or For Outstanding Customer Service)
  • Accomplishment (serious or fun, for example, 100 Sites Installed, or Best Office Prankster Award)
  • Date (of the occasion you’re celebrating, or a significant day in the past)
  • Company Logo (Here’s how to send it)
  • Clipart of a hobby, occupation, passion or just something to make the recipient smile (IE, dog, cat, medical symbol, star of life, maltese cross, coffee cup, etc.  Check out our gallery here.)
  • Photo (yes, you can engrave photos on some items!  Click here for some examples and here for information on how to send them to us!)
  • Quote (try sites like Quote Garden for a wide selection on a variety of topics!)
  • Inside joke
  • Sentimental memory

Now that your creative juices are flowing, what would YOU add to this list?  Share below for the benefit of others!

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Are you prepared? [Video]

What are you waiting for?  Order your knife now, and don’t go another day without being prepared.

(Already have a knife?  Great!  Let us know in the comments what you carry and why you are glad you do!)

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Who needs a knife?

Rescue Knife

Rescue Knife in use during a camping trip

“If you haven’t yet discovered the joy of having a quality knife, you owe it to yourself to learn”

When I was 10 years old, my father gave my sister and me our first pocket knives for Christmas. Mine was a two-blade Old Timer knife. Being a bit of a tomboy, I loved that thing. I used it for trimming my toenails and eating apples, as well as very useful things like peeling the bark off sticks. I lost that knife 14 years later at the airport when I forgot to remove it from my back pack. I have only the scar on my thumb from the time I cut myself rather deeply to remember it by.

Knives (especially customized ones) are a wonderful and practical gift for just about anyone old enough to handle one safely. There are a multitude of good knives out there – from a small single blade pocket knife to a hefty, do-it-all Leatherman tool. You are guaranteed to find one for any recipient on your list. Here’s a few ideas:

For the housewife, try a Buck Gent, small and lightweight, but more than able to handle opening envelopes and packages, cutting off tags, and any other task that requires a quick sharp blade.

For the hunter, how about a sturdy knife able to gut your prey as well come in handy around camp as you prepare meals and split kindling?  There’s even camo handles (and pink camo for the gals!).

For an EMT, firefighter, outdoorsman, or police officer, a rescue knife is an ideal gift; whether they are on the job, in the car, camping, or just hanging out at home, these tools come in handy.  With features like flashlights, glass breakers, sharp blades, and/or seat belt cutters, you can’t go wrong!

Ah, groomsmen.  While shot glasses and cuff links are nice, why not gift them with a knife that will last them years and never go out of style?  Personalize the blade or handle and you’ll be the groom-of-the-year. (And while we’re at it, more petite knives make fantastic and unique gifts for the ladies of the wedding party as well!)

Let’s not forget graduates, mothers and fathers, bosses, secretaries, anglers, veterans, pastors, and teachers…the list goes on. And, of course, it just makes the gift that much more special when you personalize it with a name, quote, date, or inside joke.  Who wouldn’t want a customized pocket knife?

In the comment section below, share with us your favorite memory of a knife you used to own or currently use – what makes a good knife to you?

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Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day is fast approaching and whether you are buying gifts for your father, brother, uncle, cousin, grandfather, or friend (or any combination of those!), it can be tough to find something that really expresses how grateful you are for them that isn’t outrageously expensive or excessively tacky. Hence, the shopping can be arduous and stressful.

Let us help you this year. We offer quality, personalized gifts, and you can find something for everyone on your list! From Buck knife to Thermos to bbq tools to fleece vest, your only difficulty will be choosing among your options!

Here are some ideas from a couple of the dads on the Lazer Team:

Father FrameThe Father’s Frame!  Personalize below the photo hole with names, a date, or a fun quote.

Is your dad into fishing, hunting or cycling? We have a custom photo frame for that!






buck flashpointA Buck Flashpoint!  Stylish and handy, with a clip for versatile carrying, this one is always a winner.

Great curves, great feel. Read one Lazer Dad’s review of his Buck Flashpoint




bottle and can openerBottle and Can Opener.  Who doesn’t need one?  Especially one that has a unique engraving just for dad.




round marble paperweightRound Marble Paperweight.  Engrave this with special words to remind dad during the workday how much he is loved, or with a family photo for a unique and memorable gift!





So, there’s a few suggestions to get you going!  Need more Father’s Day gift ideas?

If you just can’t decide, give us a call at 877-365-2737 or drop a line to info@lazerdesigns, and we’ll be glad to help you find the perfect, customized gift!

In the comments section, let us know what amazing Father’s Day gifts you received or gave this year!

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Review of the Buck Redpoint and Buck Flashpoint – Product Review and Comparison after carrying both

I’ve carried the Buck Redpoint for 1.5 years now, and I am very happy with its performance as an every day carry knife. I use it to open packages, cut tape, cords, ropes, cardboard and when in the great outdoors a variety of camping tasks. Read my Buck Redpoint review here.

It has never let me down! It has a great combo edge blade which comes in handy. It is not slippery even when wet, and holds a pretty good edge.

Recently, I had the opportunity to upgrade to the Buck Flashpoint – in my opinion, a much sleeker feeling, stylish and more functional knife because it has a carabiner clip on the end, so I can clip it on a pack or loop if I don’t want to carry in my pocket.

What are the differences in the Buck Redpoint and Buck Flashpoint, you ask? Well, let’s compare the two.

buck redpointBuck Redpoint (click to personalize and see more info)
Engraved Price: $36.00 to $27.26
buck flashpointBuck Flashpoint (click to personalize and see more info)
Engraved Price: $52.50 to $40.37
Blade Length: 2 3/4″(7 cm)
Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel
Blade Serrated: Yes
Carry System:  Belt Clip
Handle Material: Thermoplastic with Rubber Overmold, Blue
Length Closed: 4 3/8″(11.1 cm)
Locking: Yes
One Hand: Yes
Weight: 2.9 oz.(82.6 g)
Key Features: SafeSpin open/close, all weather grip, Bottle opener on end
Other notes: Easier to use bottle opener than Flashpoint but lacks carabiner
Blade Sharpness:
Perfect for:
Safety Awards, Thank you gifts, customer appreciation gifts
Available colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Yellow
Blade Length:   2 7/8″ (7.3 cm)
Blade Material:   420HC
Blade Serrated:   Yes
Carry System:   Carabineer clip & Belt Clip
Handle Material:   Anodized aluminum
Length Closed:   4 1/2″ (11.4 cm)
Locking:   Yes
One Hand: Yes
Weight:   4 oz. (113.9 g)
Key Features: SafeSpin open/close, bottle opener & carabiner on end
Other notes: Slides in pocket easier than Redpoint with smooth anodized aluminum body
Blade Sharpness:
Perfect for: Safety Awards, Thank you gifts, graduation gifts, camping and outdoors
Available colors: Black, Blue, Orange

Which knife do you prefer and why? Share in the comments! If you found this review helpful, please share it with friends and co-workers!

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