4 Ways Your Small Business Can Maximize Facebook on a Budget

Because your small business is on a budget, you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at advertising. You do have Facebook, though. It’s an effective tool that helps you engage your existing customer base, attract new customers, and build your brand. And you can achieve all these goals on a budget when you maximize Facebook in these four ways.

1. Create a fan page.

Most of your customers are active on social media, so join them and create a Facebook fan page.

This is the most basic step, and you should get started right away so you can start building a fan base.  Then you can request your custom URL (IE, facebook.com/lazerdesigns).

You have to get to 25 fans before you can request it, so get started today! (Click here for step by step on how to setup custom Facebook URL’s, and here for how to setup a Facebook account)

2. Post engaging content.

You might manufacture a very technical widget, but that doesn’t mean your content has to be dry or boring. Instead, use everyday language and write short posts that:

  • Answer common customer questions.
  • Invite conversations about daily life.
  • Share staff stories.
  • Tell a story about your brand.
  • Focus on sales only 20 percent of the time.

3. Post regularly.

Even your most loyal customers grow bored easily. Keep them engaged when you post content at least three to five times a week. These posts can include:

4. Focus on the relationship.

Sure, you want to increase sales, but customer service comes first. To do that, stay active and answer questions and concerns quickly.

Stay up-to-date on comments, posts, and questions with a service that automatically emails you updates, such as Hyper Alerts.

When you maximize your small business Facebook account, you build your brand and engage new and existing customers. Get started today!

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Engraved Wine Box Review VIDEO

Engraved wine boxes make beautiful gifts, and are the perfect way to showcase your gift of wine!

Our personalized wine boxes have felt interiors, which cradle your wine bottle inside, and include tools in the lid, completing the gift. Perfect end of year gifts for your customers, or wedding gifts!

To get more info or purchase the wine boxes in this video, see these links:


We’re going to review some of our most popular wine boxes.

This is our rosewood finish wine box, which looks great with gold or silver fill.

Most of our single wine boxes have the same set of tools:

  • a foil cutter
  • a pourer
  • a stopper
  • and a 3 function corkscrew. The corkscrew includes a knife, a bottle opener, and a boot lever.

They all have a nice soft velveteen lining to cradle your bottle of wine, and a cover to protect the wine from the tools.

Our 2nd most popular wine box is our black finish box, which looks stunning with silver fill. It features a gold lining and the same set of tools.

Our 3rd most popular is our bamboo wine box, which looks great just straight engraved with no color fill, comes out nice and dark on the lid.

It has a nice black lining to show off your wine gift, and the tools on this one actually have bamboo on them as well.

On the higher end we have our piano finish wine box, which comes in a single or double box. The double box has 2 pourers and a wine thermometer.

We also have a high gloss burlwood finish, which falls between the piano finish wine box and the basic rosewood finish box in price.

To personalize and get more info on these wine boxes, click here to go to our website.


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Engraved Rescue Knife Review And Comparison – How Do They Compare? VIDEO

Rescue knives are great tools to have on hand, a tool to have close by when you need it.

The term rescue knife usually refers to a knife that includes a seat belt cutter and window breaker, and sometimes other features.

Below, we review and compare our top selling models of rescue knifes – the Black Rescue Knife, the Red or Blue Rescue Knife, and the Compact Rescue Knife.

Click here to see them, buy them, personalize them and gift them – makes great groomsmen gifts and safety awards!


This is the black rescue knife, one of our most popular models, really popular for wedding party gifts, groomsmen, best man, ushers. Also a great safety award.

Most rescue knives like this one have a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker tip.

When opening, this one is 8″ long and has a serrated blade, and a tanto tip. The handle is anodized aluminum and lasers white and the blade lasers silver.

The colored rescue knife comes in red and blue, and is very similar in design and size. The blade lasers black, and is full fine edge, instead of serrated like the black one. The anodized aluminum handle lasers white, just like the black one.

These are made in the USA, as is the Compact Rescue Knife, which is just over 3″ long and has a just over 2″ long blade. The handle lasers white and the blade lasers silver on this one.

This one is also made in the USA, and I think it is easier to pocket carry than the long ones.

In summary,

  • the compact rescue knife is easier to carry in your pocket than the longer ones
  • the compact and the red and blue knives are made in the USA
  • while the black knife has the partially serrated blade.

My personal favorite is the black rescue knife, with its partially serrated blade, great for go-bags, backpacks and rescue workers.

If I was trying to go lighter weight, I’d go with the compact rescue knife.

All are good fits for glove boxes in cars in case of emergencies.

To personalize any of these rescue knives, follow this links:

Thanks for watching! Which knife will you use or give away? Why do you like it?

(Be sure to watch the end where you can see how each rescue knife fits in a pocket)


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What Should I Engrave on My Knife? Ideas for Customizing a Knife for You or Giving to Others

What is a gift you can give that will be used for years (or even decades), will be looked at and used daily, can be sharpened so it never looses its usefulness, and is appreciated more than many other gifts by the recipients?

An engraved knife!

Wood Handled Knife

Engraved Wood Handled Knife with Decorated Bolsters

Engraved knives are great ways to say Well Done, Thank You, and make great gifts or rewards. Everyone needs a knife at some point, and as Joe and Buzz say when asked if they have a knife on them, “Am I wearing pants?!” >>tweet this quote<<

Wondering what to engrave on the perfect knife? It depends on the occasion, but we often see:

  • Weddings: Title and Date on one location, Name or
    Initials on 2nd side (for example, Bestman on blade, and MJH on side 2
    of blade or on handle)
  • Weddings: Some people just engrave initials and the date
  • Corporate Gifts: Corporate logos, safety award milestones, sales accomplishments, project name. (For example, Movie Name on Handle, recipients name on blade)
  • wedding party knives

    Engraved Black Rescue Knives for Wedding Party

    Gifts to Customers: Either personalized with customers name, or engraved with givers logo/name and a “Thank You” message

  • Holiday Gifts (Father’s Day, anniversary gifts, etc):
    Names, Thank You messages expressing appreciation for what the recipient
    gave you, verses, quotes.

Here’s a few things to consider when customizing your knife, and common questions we get. (We engrave over 50,000 knives every year, so we see a lot of questions!)

    • All prices on our website include your custom engraving on one side. No character limits or extra fees.
    • The 2nd side adds an additional charge (available on most knives).
    • Many knives (wood handles, smooth metal handles) can have both the blade and handle engraved.
Hunting Knife

Engraved Hunting Knife

  • We ship knife orders in 2 to 4 days, larger orders (100+ pcs) take 3
    to 5 days. Have a deadline? Just mention it when checking out, we’ll
    meet it or contact you if you need to upgrade shipping!
  • Need to personalize all your knives with different names or
    initials? No problem, we do that all the time. Just follow these
    guidelines when ordering online or over the phone:
  • Add all the knives you want engraved to your cart at once
  • Enter your names one name per line in the Special Instructions Box.
  • If you are doing more than one line, just enter it in groupings, like this:



Spyderco Police Knife

Custom Spyderco Police Knife

Any other questions we missed? Let us know!

Ready to give the perfect gift? Check out our engraved knife collection here.


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How much does it cost to engrave a knife?

A good knife is hard to find!

Once you find that perfect constant companion, that you keep in your pocket or bag, a great way to set it apart, to personalize it, is with laser engraving!

Technically, most of the time, we laser “etch” the knife if lasering on the blade, and “engrave” it on the wood handle (if the knife has a wood handle).

engraved knife example

Engraved Gerber Knife

What’s the difference? Laser etching does not have depth (it is a permanent mark on the surface in a light tone-on-tone color or black, or if the blade is coated with a darker gray titanium coating, the laser etching comes out silver).

Laser engraving has depth – and is typical on wood handles.

What does it cost to engrave a knife?

It depends a little on quantity, below you can find some guidelines for custom lasering by Lazer Designs. Of course, this assumes you already have your knife – and are not going to purchase along with engraving (which you can do from our engraved knives store here)

Standard shaped knife (typical folders, fixed blades, most knives):
$35 each for one knife
$20 each for 2 knives
$15 each for 4 knives
$10 each for 6+ knives
$7 each for 12+ knives
If you are looking for more than 12, best to email to get a quote, including information about the knife you want customized, what you want to engrave on it, and your quantity. For 500+, we are around $0.75 to $1.50, depending on size of knife and engraving.

Larger knives, swords, machetes, or more expensive knives ($120+ retail price), the cost is typically:
$40 each for one knife
$25 each for 2 knives
$20 each for 4 knives
$15 each for 6+ knives

engraved titanium coated knifeWe don’t have a character limit fee (that price includes whatever fits on the engraving area – no extra charge if over a certain number of letters). Includes text, logos, clipart – whatever you want to laser. No setup fee. Additional locations (like 2nd side of blade, or blade and handle) usually add $2 to $5 per location depending on quantity.

We customize tens of thousands of knives every year – from 1 or 2 for groomsmen or cake servers or gifts for your boss, to hundreds or thousands at a time for corporate giveaways and customer appreciation gifts. What better way to say Thank You than with a quality, personalized knife that will be kept, used and sharpened and used again for decades to come?



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What can keep drinks hot for days and cold for days? My 2 favorite Thermoses! (Product Review)

This is a Product Review from Team Lazer member Tami

persoanlized thermos hydration bottleMy absolute favorite Thermoses are the leak proof backpack bottle (aka commuter bottle) (MUGTJMW500P6) and the hydration bottle (MUGT2465P).

I usually use the backpack bottle for hot drinks. Let me tell you, it works. I have had coffee in it and left it in my car in 0 degree temperatures here in Colorado and came commuter bottleout a few hours later expecting it to be cool, it was still piping hot!

This also keeps cold drinks very cold, but I usually use the hydration bottle for my cold drinks. I like the spout on it for drinking cold drinks.

Any time my family and I go on trips, we take one of these bottles. Not only are they great quality, keeping your drinks hot or cold, they are eco-friendly and save money.

One of our customers offered this tip on the Backpack/Commuter bottle (which works on any Thermos product): “If you pre-heat the mug, they will keep fluids warm for over 12 hrs.” Thanks, Wyatt!

Thermos Comparison

commuter bottleBackpack/Commuter Bottle Hydration Bottle persoanlized thermos hydration bottle
Unbreakable Stainless Steel with Thermax double wall vacuum insulation Unbreakable Stainless Steel with Thermax double wall vacuum insulation
16oz Capacity 18oz Capacity
Fits standard cup holders Fits standard cup holders
Lid of Backpack/Commuter Bottle
Both have full featured lids
thermos brand hydration bottle engraved
$32 to $17.20 personalized $24 to $12.17 personalized
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The Perfect Personalized Cutting Board – tips on what to engrave for the perfect wedding gift

Whether your friends are professional chefs or are creating a kitchen from nothing, a personalized bamboo cutting board is the perfect wedding gift!

wedding cutting board

Thank you for all the work on the wedding gift for my friend. It was perfect! She’ll use it for years. This is now my go to wedding gift. – Angela, Austin, Texas

There are so many ways that you can make this wedding gift creative and unique, showing your thoughtfulness and the recipients’ personalities. A great idea, but what to engrave? Here are some helpful hints so you can create your own masterpiece!

1. Names – There is nothing boring about “just” engraving the bride and groom’s names, especially with so many fonts to choose from. Using an elegant or fun font adds a lot of personality and can even match the style of their kitchen or their wedding! Include the wedding date or location to make it extra personal.
2. Date – To create a formal look put the date of their wedding under their names or initials. The date should be a smaller size than the names and not much wider. More traditional fonts like Times New Roman work better on smaller text as it is more easily read on personalized bamboo cutting boards for wedding gifts.

just received the cutting boards and they looked great. on my second order now – Neil H.

3. Artwork – An image is worth a thousand words, right? We have many image choices in the clip art gallery (or you can use any royalty free image from the internet), this is the perfect addition to the names and date. Do your friends have a beloved dog? Like to travel? Enjoy nature? Find an image that suits them, or send in your own!

4. Placement - For best layout any text should be under the image so that it aligns visually with the bottom edge of the board.

malibu custom engraved cutting board

We ordered this cutting board from you for our daughter and she loved it. Thank you for the service. – Bonita

For placement, we recommend a corner so that the main area of your personalized cutting board is available for chopping – without chopping up the engraving. Bottom right or top left is most common. If your design is more elongated, across the top or bottom also looks great.

Now that you have these ideas, test them out! Using a piece of paper (if you prefer it) or a graphics layout program (if you are computer savvy) in landscape layout sketch out your idea until you have found the perfect arrangement.

Then just select the fonts (see our list or use yours) and artwork you want (see our Clipart Gallery here), write any layout instructions in the special instructions box, and order!

We will send a mockup of your personalized wedding cutting board (or custom cutting board for any other occasion) for your approval prior to laser engraving it in our Colorado facility.

When choosing a custom cutting board for a wedding, you have a few options for wood type – bamboo, most popular, and maple, which is also a hard wood. I recommend bamboo for several reasons:

  • Bamboo is 16 percent harder than maple, yet easy on your knives.
  • Bamboo cutting boards are naturally anti-microbial.
  • Custom cutting Boards are easy to maintain. Wash with warm water and towel dry. Oil once in a while to keep looking nice.

Most of our wedding cutting boards are Totally Bamboo brand, which uses organically grown Moso bamboo, so you need not worry about harmful pesticides or fertilizers. Plus, this bamboo is not a food source, or a habitat, for the Giant Panda. Totally good for you and totally good for the environment!

malibu custom engraved cutting boardcustom engraved cutting boardcustom engraved cutting board

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