My favorite BBQ set – great utensils, long reach handles, good case (Product Review)

This is a Product Review from Team Lazer member Tami

5 piece Bamboo BBQ Set

5 piece Bamboo BBQ Set

I started using the 5 piece BBQ set last year and have to say, it has the best bbq utensils. Using this grilling set actually makes grilling more enjoyable.

The long reach handles are perfect for reaching your food in the far back of the grill without burning yourself. The spatula not only has the bottle opener, but is also a nice size for getting under those larger burgers for flipping.

Let me tell you, the knife is extremely sharp and cuts through steak like butter! The fork is great for poking holes in potatoes, too!

Everything is so sturdy. I love being able to keep the utensils all together in the case, which are securely kept in with Velcro and elastic bands, so nothing falls out when you open the case. If you enjoy grilling, I really do recommend this item.

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Best Friends Picture Frames – 3 Ideas to create your own custom best friends picture frame!

Best Friends Picture Frame

Best Friends Picture Frame

Best Friend’s are precious – and a gift! When we have cherished memories of times with our best friends, we want to preserve those memories – in our minds, and also by using photos of the good times together.

The best way to remember those good times is to get together with your friends – relive the memories and recall the funny moments.

The second best way? A custom, laser engraved best friends picture frame – with your name, their name, the location of THAT incident, the date you will never forget.

Here are some ideas for your next Best Friends Picture Frame – whether it is a gift for your friend or just a way for you to remember the memory.

Idea 1
Pick out and personalize a best friends picture frame. Get one for each friend in the photograph (and yourself of course), and then insert the photo into the frame before you send the gift to your friends!

Black Best Friends Photo Frame

Black & Silver Best Friends Photo Frame

Idea 2
Not only can you personalize the photo frame with your names, location or text – but you can laser engrave clipart or photographs ONTO the frame! We have a gallery of clipart to choose from, or you can send in your own. Fill in the sides with symbols and images, and engrave your text on the top and bottom for a unique frame.

Idea 3
Personalize your best friends picture frame with a funny quote, special note or the name of a place you’ve visited together. What would make them smile and laugh just at the thought? What phrase became the trademark of your time together?

Ready to get started? Design your frame in your favorite layout program (CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator for instance) and then send your layout in, or our design experts can create a unique frame for you if you just let us know what to laser and where!

Click here to get started shopping our Best Friends Picture Frames.


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New movie Divergent gives personalized Buck Nobleman knives from LazerDesigns

Custom engraved Divergent knife

Custom engraved Divergent knife

What do you get a movie star to celebrate an exciting new role? A custom engraved Buck Nobleman knife is the answer! Lazer Designs is excited to be part of celebrating the launch of Divergent, the new film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s book, by custom engraving these stylish pocket knives for the cast.

Divergent knifes with movie title on handle, and character name on blade

Divergent knifes with movie title on handle, and character name on blade

Complete with their character’s name on the blade and the movie title on the handle, be on the lookout for these knives to be seen around Hollywood!

Check out who will be holding a Lazer Designs custom creation as new casting announcements are made and we see who is joining Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Kate Winslet in this highly anticipated production. Film is in theaters May 2015 but you can get a custom engraved knife anytime!

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Personalized Spyderco Knives have arrived at Lazer Designs

Spyderco Endura4 Stainless Handle C10

Spyderco Endura4 Stainless Handle C10

Spyderco has been around for years and has made a name in the knife community for their unique, quality blades and handles.  We here at Lazer Designs are excited to offer you laser engraving on these great knives.

This is the perfect choice for an thank you gift, safety award, birthday gift or Christmas present.  View our Custom Spydercos to check out all the models (and colors!), including the Byrd line and, for a smaller design, the micro-sized Bug knives!

To learn more about Spyderco blade edge grinds, see our blog post on the different types of Spyderco edge grinds!

My favorite Spyderco is the Rescue series – I love the blade and few extra features. I’ve carried one for years. Our most popular custom Spyderco knives are the Police model, the USA made Manix, the stainless steel Endura and Delica, and the Byrd line, Cara Cara and Meadowlark.

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7 steps to choosing the perfect promotional item for your business

While we know that promotional items work (see part 1 of this series for stats and stories that show that), it is easy to miss the mark and give away something that ends up in the trash. Let’s face it, not many people want another lanyard.

Follow these tips when choosing your next promotional item to help ensure you accomplish your goals with the program or event!

promotional thermosConnect your business to your promotion (and your promotional item)
If you sell cars, it doesn’t make sense to give out staplers. If you are in oil and gas, it probably won’t connect with your company to hand out manicure kits. Have LazerDesigns, or do it yourself, work on a unique promotional item that fits your business’s industry and your values, beliefs and goals.

Quality, Quality, Quality.
Make sure the quality of the promotional item meets your standards. Sometimes, it is appropriate to give away a super low cost item, which is fine – as long as it lines up with your goals and business. Choose a higher quality, smaller size item over a lower quality, larger in size item. Invest a little more in something that will have a longer “in use” life.

promotional credit card openerImprint, Imprint, Imprint. It’s all in the imprint.
Make sure your imprint conveys your message. Spend time crafting a well worded slogan or teaser to generate curiosity. Include QR codes only where appropriate. Include your website whenever there is room.

Spread the word
If it fits your goals for the promotion, tell people (especially those in your target market) you have some free stuff! Doing so gets you some exposure, and brings people to you. Again, as long as they are in your market, you want to give away as many as possible, right (since they’ll tend to think of your business more fondly, more likely to do business with you, more likely to do repeat business with you, more likely to refer others to you when they receive a promo item)?

Pick your person
Rather than try and pass out as many promotional items as possible, try and target them to your target market. Identify your perfect customer, and only give them to these customers, or customers very similar.

promotional leatherman multi toolMake it useful – for the recipient
Give items that your target market will use in their environment, especially where the decisions are made whether or not to purchase your products or services. If you are targeting executives, give them something for their offices. If production managers, rulers, flashlights, knives, multi-tools, or something trade specific.

Personalize it.
While we love to give away items with our logo on them, people are really fond of items with THEIR names on them. People love seeing their own name. LazerDesigns has no minimum order, so you can personalize pens or other items with names (and with your logo if there is room).

Associate an existing product or service with your promotional item for more impact. Match your advertising and other marketing to the promotional item – the promo item is just one part of the puzzle! Packaging, delivery and follow up should all meld together in one seamless experience for the end user.

Next, we’ll learn how to effectively give out and use your promotional items to grow your business!


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Do promotional items really work for marketing? Here is the answer (with proof) and how they can help your business

At Lazer Designs, we use promotional items, giveaways and awards that are laser engraved to help grow our business and motivate our team. A unique and useful promotional item is a great way to stand out from the crowd!

This is the start of a series of blog posts where we’ll look at viability of promotional items, and then get into how to choose a winner, effectively use them to grow our businesses and motivate our teams.

Promotional products continue to work. Why? Take a look around you, how many promotional items are near you right now? On my desk (granted I may have more than some people), I count 4, in my bag are 2, at my house are countless…. many of them are promotional pens.

Summary of facts:

• People want them! Useful, colorful items will always be “in”!
• People receiving a promotional item remember the name of the company imprinted on it
• It is more likely that people eventually shop at the company that gave away the promo item
• Consider these stats and then plan your next promo item giveaway!

Want proof? Here are the stats!

promo1According to a 2005 study conducted by Georgia Southern University, recipients of promotional products have a significantly more positive opinion of a business through: more positive overall image, more positive perception of the business, higher likelihood of recommending the business as well as a higher likelihood of patronizing the business.

Cost-per-impression is VERY low, depending on the item and can be MUCH cheaper than traditional advertising when you take into account that the promotional item will be around for potentially YEARS getting repeat impressions from the recipients circle of influence.

Check out this study, with key parts in bold:

promo3A study of business travelers at DFW Airport revealed that 71 percent of business people reported having received a promotional product in the last 12 months. Of that group, 33.7 percent had the item on their person and 76.1 percent could recall the advertiser’s name! 52 percent of that group did business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product and 52.1 percent reported their impression of the advertiser was more favorable after receiving the item.

Need help determining what is the perfect giveaway or incentive for your company? Call us, we’d love to help come up with a plan!

Next up, things to consider when choosing a promotional item to market your business.

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Hidden Lanyard on Leatherman Wave

Did you know…there is a hidden lanyard hook on the Leatherman Wave?  Learn how to access this little known tool at

The Leatherman Wave is one of Leatherman’s classic, large tools. You may have given a personalized Leatherman Wave as a gift in the past – make sure the recipient knows about this!

leatherman wave

See new Leatherman tools for 2013 here.

Happy lanyard-ing!

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