Real World Ways Your Small Business Can Be Green, with Examples from LazerDesigns

At LazerDesigns, we believe in stewarding our resources for the good of our people, our community and our world. What can a small business do to make a difference and have a positive impact? How can your company be “green” and create sustainability?

Here’s a few real-world examples from LazerDesigns.

1. Redeem Boxes – Now THAT’S recycling, reusing what you can

At LazerDesigns, we see over 25,000 boxes come in and out our doors as we fulfill orders. That’s a lot of boxes! Through our Redeemed Boxes program, we re-tape, relabel, and reuse shipping boxes that are still structurally sound.

This is real recycling – no energy spent to break it down, clean it, and recreate it.

This also saves us and our customers thousands of dollars a year! This is savings we pass on through our competitive prices.

Of course, what we cannot reuse, we recycle.

2. Install LED Lighting

While LED lighting is still expensive (though prices are coming down), rebates from energy companies are encouraging businesses to bring down the energy consumption.

Why are LED lights greener?

  1. Lower power consumption
  2. Create less heat, lowering your AC bill
  3. No toxic mercury (though they do contain nickle, lead, arsenic)
  4. More than 95% of LED lighting is recyclable

Does installing LED lighting in your business makes sense? Here’s how it broke down for us:

  • We needed to retrofit our lighting from an old, outdated bulb type, so we had to upgrade to a newer, more energy efficient lighting type
  • Retrofitting to newer T8 and T5 was expensive, but so is LED
  • When comparing retrofitting with LED lighting, LED lighting was actually lower cost than T8 or T5
  • Add in the lower energy cost of LED lighting+ energy rebate, and the winner is LED

Plus, LED Lighting does look better!

Before LED lighting upgrade

Part of our warehouse before LED lighting upgrade

After LED Lighting upgrade

After LED Lighting upgrade

3. Go as Paperless as possible

Whenever possible, we email documents. We’ve invested in an up-to-date paperless system for our customers. We don’t do much faxing (that’s so 90’s. Or 80’s). With digital signing, long agreements don’t need to be printed.

4. Reuse clean packing supplies

Packing paper, peanuts, air bubbles — it can all be reused multiple times. Instead of throwing it away, we reuse it.

Other idea: Use newspaper to pack boxes (we don’t do this, but some of our vendors do)

How does your business reuse, recycle and redeem resources?


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Lazer Designs Partners with Living Water and Builds a Well in India!

Living Water Blog

The original well in Kesayarayenpalem


The mission behind Lazer Designs has always been to help others in whatever way we can and shine the Light to others.

One of the ways we can help is through partnering with others.

In the Kesayarayenpalem community in the Anhdra Pradesh of India, one tube well was available to support 1,000 people.

The well was in a poor location and couldn’t meet the needs of the growing population.

Then Lazer Designs and Living Water partnered together to help bring relief.

After we donated the funds to build the well, the Living Water team worked to build a new one that would relieve the pressure on the single water source in Kesayarayenpalem.

With this new well, the community of Kesayarayenpalem has access to clean, safe water.

Women and children testing out the new well

Women and children testing out the new well

“The old well was close to drainage and the water stunk and was not good for drinking,” shared the local pastor, and “The Living Water well is giving us sweet water! Thank you.”

We feel called to make an impact on our community in Colorado and around the world. Wherever that mission leads us, we will go. Thanks for your support in partnering with us.

well photos india


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Hit the Right Note with These Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Boyfriends

Photo Credit: KaylaKandzorra via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: KaylaKandzorra via Compfight cc

Finding the perfect holiday gift for your sweetie is a balancing act.

You want to amaze him with a unique present, but you don’t want to scare him with something that is more serious than the relationship.

Whether you just met online and had your first real-life date, or you’ve been together for years and are hoping there’s a ring under the tree, a customized gift is sure to hit the mark.

These personalized gift Christmas ideas for boyfriends range from simple to extravagant, so you can show him that you care just the right amount.


Bottle Opener

DoohickeyIt may seem overly simple, but a bottle opener just might be the perfect, fun gift for a new relationship, or a handy addition to a stocking.

Plus, it will give him a chance to brag about his awesome girlfriend when his buddies need an opener at their next tailgate party or boys’ night.

Forget those boring openers from the kitchen aisle at the department store. The Stainless Steel DoohicKey is a multi-tool that features a box cutter, wrench, ruler and a flathead screwdriver in addition to the bottle opener.

For a fun twist, add it to a case of his favorite craft brew and you have a gift that he is sure to love.



Flask SetScore major points with this unique present.

A flask is a little rowdy, a little outlaw and something only the best girlfriends would think to give.

Pair a metal, engravable flask with a bottle of his favorite liquor and let the good times roll.

Or, give him the makings for a boisterous guys’ poker night with the Gambler’s Flask Gift Set, which comes with a flask, shot glass, dice and playing cards in a Rosewood case.



Buck BonesWe don’t actually need men to take care of most things. But, admittedly, it is nice when they can help break into that tricky plastic packaging or slice open a box.

A good quality folding or pocketknife, like the Buck Bones 3” Blade, is a handy tool for any guy to carry.

Just be forewarned: he could instantly turn into MacGyver and use it for absolutely everything, including whittling sticks.


Solar Chargers

Solar ChargerFor the tech-savvy, there is nothing better to geek out over than solar devices. Every smartphone and tablet becomes just a little bit cooler when it’s powered by the sun.

The Emergency Solar Charger For Two Devices lets you power your iPhone, mini or micro USB devices so you are never out of touch no matter where your adventures take you.


Fleece Jackets

Fleece JacketIf he’s going on a hike or just around town on a chilly day, a fleece jacket is a great thing to have in the car.

Personalize the Revelstoke Fleece Jacket with his initials, a sports logo, or favorite animal. Every time he wears it, he will think of you!


Gift Sets

Zippo Gift SetZippo lighters are handy to have around, and everyone can use a good pocket knife.

The Chrome Lighter and Knife Gift Set gives you both in one easy-to-wrap box. You can make the gift extra special by engraving his name or artwork on each piece.

Plus, why give one gift when you can give two?


Shopping for a guy (and especially one so significant) can feel tricky. But with a little out-of-the-box thinking and a little personalization, you can be sure to make this year’s Christmas gifts a total success.

Check out more options for personalized Christmas gifts for boyfriends.

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Give Him Something Fun This Holiday with These Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandpa

Photo Credit: sciencesque via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: sciencesque via Compfight cc

He might be the family’s patriarch, but Grandpa still loves roughhousing with the kids, working hard and indulging in his hobbies.

Sure, he’d love a crayon drawing from one of the kiddos along with a slobbery kiss. But, this holiday season you want to give him something a bit more.

Thinking about personalized Christmas gift ideas for Grandpa lets you give him something special and meaningful that he will use again and again.


Digital Photo Frames

Grandbabies are the pride and joy of every Papaw and they always wish they could be a bigger part of their daily lives.

Photos are the perfect way to let them see the next generation grow, but most granddads aren’t Instagram savvy.

Instead of filling every vertical surface in their house with framed pics, give them a digital frame loaded with photos.

Make it a family affair by including snaps of not only your kids, but their other grandchildren as well. Don’t forget to include a few of them playing with the tots.


Personalized Calendars

Right now you might be thinking, “That’s an obvious choice.”

It’s true; this classic has been done before; but with good reason. Calendars are an inexpensive gift that can be used all year long.

Give this perennial favorite a boost by writing in the birthdays of all his family members, wedding anniversaries, and special events.

For an extra-special surprise, sneak in the days that the grandkids will be visiting.  Once he notices it, he’ll have something sweet to look forward to.


BBQ Tool Sets

Now that he’s retired, Grandpa has more time to master his skills at the grill. Plus, what’s more fun than cooking up burgers and hotdogs while the grandkids run around the yard?

Pick up a set that includBBQ Setes a spatula, tongs and a BBQ fork.

The handy case can be imprinted with his nickname and keeps everything together so it doesn’t get lost in a kitchen drawer full of garlic peelers and apple corers.


MagLite Flashlights

Whether it’s an early morning at the fishing hole or hunting camp, or working on the truck, every man needs a reliable flashlight.

A heavy duty Maglite, customized with his name or a special message, is a spectacular personalized Christmas gift idea for Grandpa.

Or, make it a gift set and include a handy Leatherman multi-tool for all of Grandpa’s quick fixes.


Engraved Blankets

When all the work and roughhousing is over, Grandpa can settle down with the kids and tell a story or watch a movie wrapped in a nice, fleece blanket.

Does he have a favorite sports team or saying? Try personalizing the blanket by engraving it with a team logo or quote.

While the blanket keeps him warm, so will the memories of the grandkids who gave it to him.


Golf Tools

Does Grandpa like to golf? If so, show him you pay attention to his hobbies and get him something he’ll be able to use on the green.

The Brushed Silver Multi-Function Golf Tool keeps Golf Toolhim prepared for the game with a knife, repair tool, ball marker, brush, and key ring.

Engrave the tool with his name or favorite saying, slip that into a stocking, and Grandpa will have so much fun going over all the different functions.


Shopping for Grandpa this holiday season doesn’t have to be a challenge.  Throw in a little personalization and use these ideas as a guideline, and he will surely be impressed. See more gift ideas for Grandpa.

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Make This Holiday Season Special with Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom

Photo Credit: 藍川芥 aikawake via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: 藍川芥 aikawake via Compfight cc

Whether she is in the trenches raising little ones or her kids are all grown up, mothering is serious work.

These maternal marvels deserve truly special gifts this holiday season.

While she would be sincerely delighted with a preschool macaroni necklace, these personalized Christmas gift ideas for mom will be a bit more stylish.


Cutting Boards

She spends hours in the kitchen chopping veggies and preparing healthy meals; she should have something beautiful to work with.Bamboo Cutting Board

Every domestic diva needs a great cutting board. Have a bamboo board personalized with the family name and established date, or one of her favorite sayings such as, “You can’t have dessert until you eat your Brussels sprouts.”

If you aren’t feeling inspired, the Edge Striped Bamboo Cutting Board features pre-designed sentiments for you to add a name to.



A pocketknife might seem like a man’s gift idea, but rest assured, this one didn’t get put on the wrong list. From cutting open packaging to cutting tags off of clothing, women will find millions of uses for a folding knife.

Pink Camo KnifePlus, when emblazoned with her name or a sweet message, knives make perfect personalized Christmas gift ideas for Mom because it’s something she would never think to buy for herself.

Still not convinced? The Buck Bantam Pink Camo knife comes is a girly shade and is small enough to slip in a handbag.


Ceramic Mugs

Packing lunches, locating lost shoes and getting the kids dressed and to theLatte Mugs bus stop makes Mom a morning-time hero. Yet, she still manages to get to work on time, perfectly dressed and ready to tackle her day.

None of that would happen without her A.M caffeine. A personalized mug is a superb way to remind her how much she is appreciated while she is battling though the most hectic part of her day.

At 14 oz, the Engraved Tall Latte Mug delivers a big dose of her favorite pumpkin-spiced beverage to get her through the day.


Fleece Blankets

Engraved BlanketThe work is never quite over, but when there is a lull in the action, Mom might like to curl up with a nice book and a comfy blanket.

Make her moment of relaxation extra special with a Super Plush Fleece Blanket all of her own.

These can be engraved over the full blanket or just the corner to make Mom’s blanket perfectly customized.


Wine Boxes

After a long day juggling work, home and family, sometimes there is nothing better than sipping a glass of wine.

Wine BoxSure, you could run into the grocery store on Christmas Eve, grab a cheap bottle and toss it in her stocking, but that probably won’t get the reaction you are hoping for.

Instead, turn a bottle of wine into a luxury gift worth savoring. The Burlwood Finish Wine Presentation Box comes complete with a foil cutter, decanter pourer, stopper and corkscrew so everything she needs to taste her favorite vintage is right on hand.

Finish off the gift with an upscale bottle from the year you were born or the year you met.


Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry BoxMaybe she needs a place to keep all her treasures, like her wedding ring and those macaroni necklaces.

For a pretty and thoughtful gift, get Mom an Ornate Silver Jewelry Box. You can engrave it with her name, initials, or a special message from her husband or children.

To make it even more special, give it to her with a piece of jewelry already inside to start her collection.


Moms do so much without ever asking for anything in return. You may not be able to repay her for everything she does, but these simple and elegant gift ideas will surely show her how much she is appreciated.

Shop personalized gift ideas for mom today!

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Engraved Buck Folding Alpha Hunter Video Review

Note: The Buck Folding Alpha Hunter has been retired, and replaced with the updated Buck Open Season Folder (also available in fixed)

One of the most beautiful, elegant and long lasting gifts you’ll ever give (or receive), the Alpha Hunter with Rosewood Handle is a piece of art.


This is the Buck Folding Alpha Hunter with Rosewood Handle.

One of the smoothest one handed opening knives I have ever felt.

The blade is S30V steel for edge retention, has a rosewood handle, a 3 1/2″ long blade. And is 5″ long closed.

The knife comes packaged in Buck packaging, and comes with a leather sheath for safe transportation and storage.

The Folding Alpha Hunter is available in drop point, most popular, or gut hook.

Your logo or text laser etches in black on the blade.

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Engraved Buck Squire Video Review

The Buck Squire – a long time favorite in the folding knives line from Buck.

Smaller in size than the Folding Hunter (2 3/4″ compared to 4 7/8″), it is a good mid-size classic knife. The wood grain and nickel silver bolsters give it an elegant look and feel, making for a great gift.

We laser engrave your logo or text on the blade, handle or even the bolsters by special request.


This is the Buck Squire, a great midsize knife. Similar in size to the Buck 55, it has a 2 3/4″ blade and 2 3/4″ handle, made out of 420HC stainless steel.

It features a nail notch for easy opening.

The Buck Squire comes with a black leather sheath with belt loop, for easy carry.

Your logo or text make this a great gift, laser etches in black on the blade.

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