Unique wood wedding invitations!

In the selection of wedding invitations it’s not hard to find something nice as far as design and layout goes… but for something completely unique how about wood invitations.  Wood invitations are a way to make your wedding stand out – each invitation is singular in wood grain and shade.  The laser engraving produces a dark burnished engraving in the wood, making these treasures for a lifetime.

Just like printed invitations, wood invitations are completely customizable when it comes to size, design, and text.  You can design it yourself, or, work with our art team to create a layout for you.   Make it match the theme of the wedding, high light the location, or perhaps just something that expresses the personality of the bride and groom – it’s up to you!





We loved the wood invitations you did for us! We got so many amazing responses from our wedding guests!

Once the invitation is designed, you can enhance the presentation with envelopes, RSVP cards, etc that match the theme of your wedding and invites.  Last summer we had the privilege to work with a bride who utilized a few different sources to come up with a completely unique and beautiful set.  Check out her blog post describing how she came up with the ensemble above.

Another bride had us make her wood invitations, then also place and menu cards for the reception.  The result was a lovely thread that drew the pieces of her theme together.
So, when considering your wedding invitations, let your imagination go wild!  Your wedding will be a special and extraordinary event – and your invitations will demonstrate that.
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  1. Those wedding invitations are really unique and elegant. I so like it! I love the heart designs on it! Thanks for sharing this post to us. This adds more ideas on how to create a perfect wedding invitation.

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