Video: Amazing uses for carabiners

Here I demonstrate how to use a carabiner clip to remove slack from a rope, cord, clothesline, tent cord, or any rope you need tighter! I demonstrate on a hammock. Also use #57, #58 and #59 are in video! (see previous posts: 55 uses, 3 more ideas with photos)

Ever need your tent stake just a little bit snugger? Or that cord holding the tarp down just a smidge snugger? Well, you don’t have to undo the entire thing and redo it to get it tighter. Just use your carabiner keychain!

  • #56: Tighten rope or cord
  • #57: Entertaining babies
  • #58: Hang a camcorder or accessories from your hammock
  • #59: Hang car keys while camping in car or tent

How do you use your carabiner clips? Share below! See more creative ways we use carabiners: uses 1 to 55 and 20 uses for Sbiners.

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3 Responses to Video: Amazing uses for carabiners

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  3. Mr Carabiner says:

    Ahh the Carabiner , what cant it do ? Great video guys !

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