Why I switched from a Buck Nobleman to a Buck Redpoint knife

I’ve carried my trusty Buck Nobleman in my pocket for years. With my initials and clipart laser etched onto it (see photo) when I misplaced it, it would always turn up eventually.

Engraved Buck Nobleman

Engraved Buck Nobleman

Things I like about the Buck Nobleman as an every day carry pocket knife:

  • The blade keeps an edge fairly well.
  • It slides in and out of pocket easy, nothing catches.
  • Small enough it does not bulge and I can still fit my hand in pocket around it to get at bluetooth earpiece.
  • Easy one hand open and close with thumb notch.

But after seeing a customer order the Buck Redpoint, I started to reconsider. After trying out the Redpoint for a day, I made the leap.

Engraved Buck Redpoint

Engraved Buck Redpoint

Why? Things I like about the Buck Redpoint as an every day carry pocket knife:

  • Serrated blade! Part smooth, part serrated. This was the main reason
  • Fits in pocket with room to fit my hand – though not quite as much room as the Nobleman allowed
  • Includes Buck Knives’ “safespin opening” technology – pretty cool, easy open
  • The Redpoint blade uses 750 steel, compared to Nobleman’s 327

Plus, the Redpoint has nice big area to laser on its super sharp blade!

What is your favorite knife to carry or use and why? Is yours personalized?

Update 4/26/2012: I still carry the Buck Nobleman sometimes, when I want a sleeker, thinner and different styled knife. I’ve also upgraded to a Buck Flashpoint from the Buck Redpoint, read my review on Buck Flashpoint here.

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One Response to Why I switched from a Buck Nobleman to a Buck Redpoint knife

  1. Josiah says:

    Now I am looking forward to when I carry a Buck Flashpoint! That’ll be my next choice!

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